1/50 Albatros DV Jasta 71 Paper Model


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1/50 Albatros DV Jasta 71 Paper Model

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The Albatros D.V was a development of the earlier D.III; it retained the sesquiplane ‚”Half wing‚” wing planform of the earlier fighter, but was more robustly built, featuring a rounded fuselage, revised wing-tip and tailplane shapes, a large underfin, and more powerful engines. The armament remained the standard pair of Spandau machine guns. Performance was not appreciably improved over the D.III, mainly due to increased weight, but the D.V and D.Va were built up through early 1918 and were still being issued in quieter sections of the Western Front until the Armistice in November 1918.

This paper model builds into a replica of a D.V in late-war markings, one of the aircraft of Jasta 71‚ Technical Officer, Lieutenant Hans Joachim von Hippel. Hippel survived World War One to fly Ju-52 transports with the Luftwaffe in World War Two.

Paper Model Details: 120 parts on two pages, with fuselage formers, one-piece wing spars, and detailed engine with rolled and layered cylinders. Rolled and layered machine guns, full cockpit, layered wheels, layered landing gear legs, struts, and prop blades. Five wire templates and seven construction diagrams. Degree of Difficulty: 3/5. If you enjoy building this paper model, please contribute a review!

Text by Bart Wheeler
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