1/48 scale-Sportavia (Fournier) RF5B PL70 Belgian Air Cadets-Paper Model


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1/48 scale-Sportavia (Fournier) RF5B PL70 Belgian Air Cadets-Paper Model

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Sportavia (Fournier) RF-5B

The Sportavia Fournier RF-5B was a powered sailplane, developed from the earlier RF-5. A motor glider has a small engine which enables the aircraft to take off under its own power, as opposed to the classical glider take-off method using a winch or towing aircraft. At altitude, the engine can be switched off for soaring. If needed the engine can be engaged again to enable the aircraft to increase flight time, climb to higher altitude or as a safety measure in case of adverse soaring conditions..

The RF-5B was of wood construction with a retractable main wheel in the fuselage and fixed wing outriggers. Normal powerplant was a 68hp Limbach Comet four-cylinder four-stroke motor, driving a twin-blade, fixed-pitch prop. The aircraft seated two in tandem and was fitted with dual controls. Compared to the earlier RF-5, the RF5B had a cut-down rear fuselage and a large bubble canopy providing all-round visibility for the 2 occupants. Some version had longer-span wings.

Paper Model Details: 40 parts on two pages with illustrated instructions. Opaque canopy, boxed wheel, duo-fold prop blades, skids, and outriggers.

Degree of Difficulty: 2/5.

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