1/48 Scale B-17F Flying Fortress “Tinker Toy” Paper Model


1/48 Scale B-17F Flying Fortress “Tinker Toy” Paper Model


B-17F-25-VE 42-5846 left the Lockheed Vega factory early in 1943. She was then one of three Lockheed Vega B-17Fs that were among the complement of B-17s initially assigned to the 381st Bomb Group.

“Tinker Toy” eventually came to be known as a jinx ship in the 381st. She had the grim distinction of bringing back the first dead crewman and seemed to be a magnet for battle damage. After several grim mishaps, she was lost on a mission to Bremen on December 20th, 1943. An attacking Bf 109 collided head-on with the plane, killing all but three of the crew. The 381st medical officer wrote that “Tinker Toy” was viewed with a mixture of horror and pride on the base. It was also discovered that there was not a single crew which, having flown a mission in “Tinker Toy”, did not have at least one member, and usually more, lost in another bomber in a subsequent mission.


Paper model contains 22 sheets including:
Introduction sheet with aircraft history, exploded view parts diagram and what sheet parts are to be found.
Models sheets are numbered in the suggested order of assembly. Each sheet has assembly instructions and diagrams.
Over 125 parts including wing spars and fuselage and wing formers. As well as optional butt joint tabs.
Optional parts sheets for enhanced detailed landing gear wheels and engine faces.
Various diorama accessories scattered through out the parts sheets such as: ammunition boxes, oil drums, carts, ladders, etc.
Also Crew figure cut-outs.
Detailed graphic textures, with realistic weathering and surface features.

Degree of difficulty: 4/5


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