1/33 SUKHOI Su-35 Flanker-E Aircraft № 703 Paper Model


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1/33 SUKHOI Su-35 Flanker-E Aircraft № 703 Paper Model


The assembly of the first prototype-the T-10 M-1 was completed in the spring of 1988. On June 28, 1988, test pilot O. G. Tsoi began its flight tests. Like many other prototype vehicles, it was built using the production Su-27 (T-10-70) airframe. On January 18, 1989, the second prototype of the T-10 M-2 made its first flight. On April 1, 1992, the first aircraft of the installation batch of 10 machines (from the T-10 M-3 to the T-10 M-12) rose from the KnAAPO airfield. The first foreign demonstration of the aircraft to potential customers and the general public took place in the fall of 1992 at the Farnborough Air Show, on the eve of which it was given the name Su-35. A year later, in August 1993, the aircraft demonstrated unique aerobatics at the MAKS-93 in Zhukovsky. In 1995, after the end of the production of the installation batch, the T-10 M-1 was transferred to the Air Force Museum in Monino, near Moscow.

The paper model of the Su-35 in 1:33 scale contains 18 pages, including:

– Full-color title page

– 11 pages of the part (A3 format, paper thickness for the model is not less than 0.35 mm)

– 6 pages of circuit assembly instructions (A3 format)

– More than 1000 parts, including the fuselage and wing

– Vector graphics texture on top of bitmap graphics

– Full detailed cockpit

– Full chassis detailing

– Retractable in-flight refueling rod

– Rotary stabilizer and PGO


Degree of difficulty: 5/5


The pleasure of assembly is guaranteed even to an experienced modeler.


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