1/33 Mustang P-51B Tuskegee Airmen – Joedebelle Paper Model


1/33 Mustang P-51B Tuskegee Airmen Joedebelle Paper Model


The famed 332nd Fighter group, known as the Tuskegee Airmen, were America’s first all “Black” Fighter squadrons.
Finally recognized sixty years after the fact for their contributions in WW2, the four Red Tail Fighter squadrons have been immortalized
in more than one big budget Movie, and the Red Tails are now rightfully recognized as heroes of WW2.

This paper model builds the P-51B/C aircraft “Joedebelle'” as flown by Capt. Joseph Elsberry. Capt. Elsberry was one of the first trainees at the Tuskegee Training Airfield and earned the Distinguished Flying cross for his efforts. Elsberry is credited with shooting down four enemy aircraft, three of which (FW 190s) were shot donw in one day. He was alos part of the group of fighters credited with the sinking of a German Destroyer using only machine guns…no bombs.

Paper Model Details:
over 200 parts including detailed construction diagrams and Fuselage and Wing formers.
Fully recessed and detailed Wheel Wells.
Fully detailed Landing Gear.
Complete detailed Cockpit.
Optional Clear or Printed canopies.
Optional Wing pylons.
Optional Drop Tanks.
Detailed graphic textures, with realistic weathering and surface features.

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.

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