1/33 Fokker F27-500 Asialink ‘Kheya’ Paper Model


1/33 Fokker F27-500 Asialink ‘Kheya’ Paper Model

Ships From: United States (US)

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Designed to be a replacement for the most successful airliner, the DC-3, the Fokker F27 Friendship. The F27 prototype first flew in 1955 which led to some minor design corrections including the capability to carry up to 32 passengers and receiving the more powerful Rolls-Royce Dart Mk 528 engines. Seen as a useful aircraft, Fokker entered into a licensing deal with Fairchild Aircraft to build the F27 in the United States. In 1958, the first Fokker designed F27’s were delivered to the European airline companies while the U.S. version built by Fairchild Aircraft took it’s first flight. Even today, there remain over 140 civil operators (in passenger airline or cargo capacities) and at least 35 military operators of the F27 world-wide.

This model kit depicts the F-27/500 as it appears in service for Aisalink aircraft ID# PK-KRJ.

Paper Model Details: over 300 parts on 44 pages, with fully illustrated instructions in English. Fuselage bulkheads, wing airfoil formers and boxed spars, printed or boxed wheel wells, layered props, landing gear, and wheels, joining strips and tabs. Options include clear cabin glazing, simplified landing gear, in-flight configuration, and optional-positioned flaps and cabin doors. Degree of Difficulty: 3/5 or 5/5 depending on options chosen.


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