1/200 Spanish Ironclad Numancia Paper Model


1/200 Spanish Ironclad Numancia Paper Model

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The Spanish ironclad Numancia was an armored frigate bought from France during the 1860s. Numancia had a rich history record, being in action at the war with Peru & Chile (the Chincha war) and the Spanish-American war.
In 1866, when Spain retreated from Peru and Chile in the Chincha war, Numancia returned home via the Pacific, hereby being the first ironclad in the world to circumnavigate the earth.
Numancia was decommissioned in 1912 and sold to the breakers. Three attempts were made to tow the ship from Cadiz to Bilbao. On the third attempt, on December 17th, 1916, the tugs and Numancia encountered a storm. During the storm, Numancia was grounded at Sesimbra beach. The crew was saved, but she was declared a total loss and abandoned. There are some remains at a depth of 5-6 metres.

Paper Model contains 17 Pages including:

Over 350 parts on 7 part pages and 4 page of formers.
Full-hull and waterline option.
Display stand, 6 pages of construction diagrams.
Bulkhead-and-joiner-strip construction. Wire parts,

Degree of Difficulty: 5/5


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