1/200 S.S. Frisia Paper Model


1/200 S.S. Frisia Paper Model


The S.S. Frisia was built by Caird and Co. for Hamburg America Line in 1872. The maiden voyage of the passenger ship was on August 21, 1872 following Hamburg-Havre-New York. The Fisia was able to carry 878 passengers. The ship displaced 3,500 tons and had 10 large life boats for passengers in the event of a disaster. The ship could be powered by steam or rigged to sail. The Frisia ended her service life used a coal ship in Italy and eventually scrapped.


Paper Model contains 12 Pages including:

Over 300 parts on 5 part pages and 3 pages of formers. Full-hull and waterline option. 2 pages of  Sails. Display stand, 2 pages of construction diagrams. Wire parts.  Bulkhead-and-joiner-strip construction.

Degree of Difficulty: 5/5


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