1/200 Norwegian Kobben-Class Submarine (Type 207) – ORP Kondor Paper Model


1/200 Norwegian Kobben-Class Submarine (Type 207) – ORP Kondor Paper Model


The Kobben-Class or Type 207 is a version of German Type 205 submarine customized for use by the Royal Norwegian Navy (Sjøforsvaret). Fifth boat from series, KNM Kunna has been transferred to Poland in 2003 as ORP Kondor. Decommissioned as of 20 December 2017

Paper Model contains 10 pages including:

  • Cover page,
  • 2 pages of historical and technical information,
  • 2 pages of assembly instruction drawings (in total 12 assembly drawings + wire templates),
  • 2 pages of Parts (162 basic elements and 70 alternative elements ) in vector format, including: internal formers (frames), display stand, etc..
  • Model kit alows to build one of the submarines of Royal Norwegian Navy and Polish Navy:
  • KNM Kaura (S315),
  • KNM Kinn (S316),
  • KNM Kya (S317),
  • KNM Kobben (S318),
  • KNM Kunna (S319), Polish ORP Kondor (297, “Condor”),
  • KNM Ula (S300),
  • KNM Utsira (S301),
  • KNM Utstein (S302),
  • KNM Utvær (S303),
  • KNM Uthaug (S304),
  • KNM Skinna (S305),
  • KNM Skolpen (S306), Polish ORP Sęp (295, “Vulture”)
  • KNM Stadt (S307),
  • KNM Stord (S308), Polish ORP Sokół (294, “Falcon”),
  • KNM Svenner (S309), Polish ORP Bielik (296, “Tailed Eagle”).

Used vector format of parts also allows to scale the model (for instance to 1:250 or 1:100 scale) without losing quality of print.

Degree of difficulty: 2/5


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