1/200 Spanish Battleship Pelayo Paper Model


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1/200 Spanish Battleship Pelayo Paper Model

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The battleship Pelayo served the Spanish Crown for 37 years. Built in France in 1888, the ship was finally scrapped in 1925. Named for the founder of the Kingdom of Asturias, Pelayo had its primary and secondary armament mounted on rotary barbettes, with open lids, with many other weapons and torpedo tubes. The ship underwent many weapons changes during its long life. Considered too slow and with too little coal storage capacity to serve abroad, Palayo fulfilled her career as a defense ship of the native waters, the most heavily armed armored warship in the Spanish Navy. Palayo fired his weapons in anger only once, against Moroccan insurgents in 1909.

Paper Model contains 22 Pages including:
Over 818 parts.
Display stand, 7 pages of construction diagrams.
Model full-hull and waterline option.
Bulkhead-and-joiner-strip construction.
Wire parts.

PDF version of the publication of the publisher Pro-arte

Degree of Difficulty: 5/5





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