1/120 1858 Steamer Winans Paper Model


1/120 1858 Steamer Winans Paper Model


The Winans family, successful railway engineers from Baltimore, Maryland moved into marine engineering with enthusiasm and great expenditures of their considerable family wealth but with less success.  Their radical marine design concept included a patented ultra-streamlined spindle-shaped hull with minimum superstructure. The Winans believed that such a hull would perform better in rough seas and allow greater speed. Their hope was that their new “cigar ships” would revolutionize trans-oceanic travel.The Winans marine construction was the steamer Winans, launched in Baltimore in 1858 with much publicity and fanfare.

The modified steamer Winans as depicted in this kit remained dockside at Ferry Bar in Baltimore Harbor as a tourist curiosity for many years.

Learn more about all the Winans cigar ships at http://www.vernianera.com/CigarBoats.html.

Michael Crisafulli

Paper Model contains 9 Pages including:
Over 200 parts,  Display stand, One page of ship history, 3 pages of construction diagrams.
Degree of Difficulty: 4/5


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