1/100 Mikoyan Gurevitch Mig-21 “Capeti” Paper Model


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1/100 Mikoyan Gurevitch Mig-21 “Capeti” Paper Model

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This repaint by Texman Recolors of the Scissors & Planes Mig-21 represents an aircraft
serving with the Hungarian Air Force Demonstration team.

The Mig-21 “Capeti” was displayed at the Hungarian airshow at Taszar Air Base in 1992. It was used as an “aggressor” aircraft in mock dog fights.

The name Capeti, is a play on the Hungarian Capa – “shark” and Peti – “Peter”. So, it is called Peter Shark.

This kit includes three external tanks. Two wing tanks and a centerline tank.

This is a single page kit with instructions on how to build a Scissors & Planes kit.


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