1/50 B24A LB30 BOAC Ferry Command Consolidated B-24 Liberator Paper Model


1/50 B24A Liberator LB30 BOAC Ferry Command Paper Model


The LB-30 (or Liberator II) was designed specifically for the British RAF and 140 units delivered. Various LB-30s received the same modifications as C-87 Transport (lengthened and enclosed nose and tail sections, cargo doors, removal of bomb bay, turrets and armaments, etc).  Operating as Ferry transport and civilian freighter, many aircraft were flown and operated by commercial companies hired by the RAF.  BOAC worked closely with the ferry Command, supplying their own crews and pilots.

This kit is a derivative of Marek’s 1/50 scale Consolidated B-24 Liberator model and features many new upgrades and modifications, including detailed repainting, weather texturing and photo-realistic effects.

The B24 B24A B24D C87 LB30 assembled model has a wingspan of about 26″.
Contains approx. 300 parts
13 pages includes cover page, assembly Instructions and diagrams
and 10 pages of full colour printable parts.
This is a medium to advanced skill level kit.


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