1/48 Stampe-Vertongen SV-4c C-FXME– Paper Model


1/48 Stampe-Vertongen SV-4c C-FXME– Paper Model


First built in the early 1930’s as a trainer, The Stampe Vertongen SV-4 is considered among the most beautiful biplanes ever built. Production in Belgium was interrupted by World War 2, but was resumed afterward until 1955.

This model builds a private, Canadian registry C-FXME of the SV-4.

Downloadable kit for paper model aircraft. This model is designed to be printed on 110# index [298 gsm cardstock]. Paper Model contains 2 pages of parts. Degree of difficulty is 3 of 5 (easy build for a biplane)

Also includes Full Color cover page and exploded view instructions

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Proceeds from all Design Group Alpha paper models are donated to aviation museums.


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