1/48 Stampe-Renard SR.7B, OO-SRZ prototype – Paper Model


1/48 Stampe-Renard SR.7B, OO-SRZ prototype – Paper Model


Stampe-Renard SR.7 / Farman Monitor

The Belgian-designed SR.7 was basically a monoplane development of the Stampe-Vertongen SV-4. The first prototype was built in France as the Farman 500 Monitor I, followed by a Belgian prototype named SR.7B. The French version used a Renault engine while the Belgian version was equipped with a Cirrus Bombardier. The SR.7 tendered for a contract with the Belgian air force as a replacement for the ageing SV-4b trainers, but the air force chose the modern SF.260M and Stampe-Renard went out of business.
The SR.7 was not without its merits though, as the famous French aerobatic pilot Leon Biancotto proved on numerous occasions. He even set a world duration record for inverted flight on the SR.7.

Stampe-Renard SR.7B, OO-SRZ prototype
The Belgian prototype OO-SRZ is preserved at the Brussels Air Museum.

Paper Model Details: 39 parts on two pages, with exploded-view diagram. Duo-fold struts, boxed wheels, opaque cabin glazing, full cockpit interior, integral tabs.
Degree of Difficulty: 2/5.

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