1/48 Piper J-3 Flitfire Texas NC23413 – Paper Model


1/48 Piper J-3 Flitfire Texas NC23413 – Paper Model


Downloadable kit for paper model aircraft. This model is designed to be printed on 110# index [298 gsm cardstock]

49 Special Edition ‘Flitfire’ Cubs were donated by Piper Aircraft and by Piper Dealers to help financially fund the British War effort. NC23413 is depicted to be the Flitfire from Texas. Some of these aircraft were raffled off. Some were used to raise money by barnstorming. NC23413 has been restored to flying status. 12 of the Flitfires are still listed in flying status with the FAA.

First built in 1938, the J-3 Cub is the aircraft that taught America to fly. Almost 20,000 were built in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania ending production in 1947.

Paper Model contains 2 pages of parts.

Also includes Full Color cover page and photographic step-by-step instructions

2 pages of parts with a degree of difficulty of 2/5 – with the elaborate instructions, this is a good choice for a first-time modeler


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