1/48 Oplinter Air Taxi – French Air Force – Paper Model


1/48 Oplinter Air Taxi – French Air Force – Paper Model


Oplinter Air Taxi

Jean de Wouters d’Oplinter designed his “Air Taxi” in 1933, intending to market it as a light airliner and mail hauler. The design was never built, though evidence exists that some sub-assemblies for a prototype were sub-contracted out. The design incorporated several advanced features: an enclosed cabin, a wide-track tricycle landing gear to prevent nose-overs and groundloops, easy-access engines mounted above the wings in a pusher configuration, low ground profile for easy loading and unloading of passengers, baggage, and cargo. Underfunded, the Oplinter never left the drawing board – but now, thanks to the paper-modeling design talents of Guido Van Roy of Design Group Alpha paper modelers can bring the Oplinter to life!

This paper model builds an Oplinter as it would have been in French Air Force markings as a liaison aircraft (1940).

Paper Model Details: 41 parts on three pages, with exploded-view diagram. Duo-fold struts, boxed wheels, opaque cabin glazing, integral tabs.

Degree of Difficulty: 2/5.

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