1/48 Messerschmitt Zerstörer Red 6 (Luft 46), Paper Model


1/48 Messerschmitt Zerstörer Red 6 (Luft 46), Paper Model


Messerschmitt Zerstörer – (Luft’46 on the drawing boards as WWII ended)

The Messerschmitt Zerstörer design is known to have existed in at least two configurational studies, although no Messerschmitt “P” number seems to have been allocated to the project. The model represents the version with T-tail and 2 He S 011 turbojets engines mounted on the fuselage sides. Note the modern layout, with sweptback wings and tail, retractable tricycle landing gear and fuselage-mounted MK108 guns.

Paper Model Details: 27 parts on three pages with illustrated instructions.
Degree of Difficulty: 2/5.

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