1/48 Hawker Hunter F.6, XF432, Royal Air Force No. 208 Squadron -Paper Model


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Hawker Hunter F.6, XF432, Royal Air Force No. 208 Squadron


The Hawker Hunter, this beautiful British fighter from the 50s, was the last design of Sir Sidney Camm and also the last plane designed by the traditional British manufacturer Hawker Aircraft. The Hunter was born out of the RAF’s need to have a fighter that could stand up to the Soviet MiG-15, regain the prestige of the British aviation industry, and counterbalance the USAF’s dominance with the F-86 Saber. The Hunter had a long development, starting in 1948, and until reaching the peak of its career it was already outdated, but it was a formidable aircraft, equivalent to the MiG-17, the Super Mistere, and in certain aspects the SAAB Drakken. Owner of a stunning profile,and with a bow wing of unique characteristics. The FGA Mk 9 version was the most used and participated in several conflicts. The last units of the Hunter from an over production of 1500 specimens were used by Lebanon and Switzerland in the mid-1990s. Many still fly, and many are preserved.

The model includes two sheets of parts. No instructions beyond simple details and descriptions that are included on the model pages. We feel instructions are not needed. This scale model is relatively easy to build [2 of 5].


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