1/48 Gotha P.60A What if (Romania, Tropical, USA) Paper Model


1/48 Gotha P.60A What if (Romania, Tropical, USA) Paper Model

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The Gotha Go P.60A was a flying wing jet aircraft design proposal, a highly-modified version of the famous Horten Ho 229 “flying wing”, airplane build in the latter stages of World War 2. The Gotha Go P.60A was powered by two turbojet engines near the rear of the wing center section, one above the wing and one below. In the designed Go P.60A, two BMW 003A-1 with 800 kp (1763 lbs) of thrust were to be used at first. The pressurized and armored cockpit, located in the extreme nose, held two men who were in a prone (lying down) position. 

This model is a repaint of Thai Paperwork – Nobi’s model.

Model 15 Pages, includes;
Photographic Cover Page,
Assembly Diagrams,
12 Pages of Cardstock Parts (3 liveries)

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.


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