1/48 Fokker B.1 / M-7 WW1, German Navy – Paper Model


1/48 Fokker B.1 / M-7 WW1, German Navy – Paper Model


Fokker B.1 / M.7

The Fokker M.7 was a two-seat observation aircraft, powered by an 80 hp Oberursel rotary engine. 20 machines were built, used by the Imperial German Navy and the Austro-Hungarian Army. A float-equipped version was called the W.4 (some sources speak about the W.3). Note that B.1 was the German military name, this should not be confused with the 1920’s Fokker B.1 flying boat.
The M.7 had a simple but strong box-like fuselage, the wing arrangement being of sesquiplane form.

Paper Model Details: 53 parts on two pages with illustrated instructions. Cockpit interior included, boxed wheels, duo-fold prop blades, skids, and outriggers.
Degree of Difficulty: 4/5 (biplane with several tiny parts)
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