1/48 Davis Manta, 572259 USAAF “Mama’s Manta” 1945 (what-if) -Paper Model


1/48 Davis Manta, 572259 USAAF “Mama’s Manta” 1945 (what-if) -Paper Model



The Davis Manta was a design for a long range fighter, to be armed with 4 20mm cannon and 4 .50 caliber machine guns. The counter-rotating props were to be powered by an Allison 1150 hp engine that was buried in the fuselage around the center of gravity. The airframe was designed as a low-weight welded steel tube construction, covered with molded “plastic” skin panels.
Reports show a mock-up under construction in the Manta Aircraft Corp. of Los Angeles around 1942, but clearly the project was stopped prematurely and no flying prototype was ever built.

The 1/48 scale paper model contains four pages of parts plus an exploded view assembly instruction page and a full color cover sheet. Difficulty to build: 2/5


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