1/33 SUKHOI Su-80GP The second flight model Aircraft № 82912 Paper Model


1/33 SUKHOI Su-80GP The second flight model Aircraft № 82912 Paper Model


The Su-80 is a Russian aircraft for local and regional airlines developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It was developed in passenger (Su-80P) and cargo-passenger (Su-80GP) versions. It was intended to replace the AN-24, AN-26, Yak-40. I lost to competitors in terms of carrying capacity and capacity — 30 passengers in the Sukhoi cabin against 52 and 40 people in the An-24 and Yak-40, respectively, because of this, the Sukhoi Design Bureau project was curtailed. All three built boards are located on the open site of the KNAAZ factory airfield. Gagarin in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The aircraft has a sealed cabin and is designed to carry 30 passengers or up to 3,300 kg of cargo over a distance of up to 1300 kilometers. The peculiarity of the aircraft is its convertibility, that is, the possibility of rapid conversion from a passenger version to a cargo one and back. The presence of a cargo ramp made it possible to transport automotive equipment and standard aircraft containers. Later it was planned to create several more modifications of the aircraft: patrol, medical, aircraft for geologists and fishermen.


The paper model of the Su-80GP in 1:33 scale contains 12 pages, including:

– Full-color title page

– 10 pages of the part (A4 format, paper thickness for the model is not less than 0.25 mm)

– 2 pages of circuit assembly instructions (A4 format)

– More than 200 parts, including the fuselage and wing

Degree of difficulty: 3/5


The pleasure of assembly is guaranteed even to an experienced modeler.


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