1/33 SUKHOI Su-27UB Flanker-C Aircraft № 03 Paper Model


1/33 SUKHOI Su-27UB Flanker-C Aircraft № 03 Paper Model


dThe Su-27UB is a two-seat supersonic combat training fighter, a modification of the Su-27 aircraft. The main differences from the Su-27 aircraft: – in connection with the organization of a two-seat crew cabin (according to the “tandem” scheme with a common up-and-back opening lamp), the contours of the head part of the fuselage and the gargrot were changed; – the area of the vertical tail was increased by 3.1 m2 due to the use of spacers with a height of 420 mm in the root part of the keels, the parking height of the aircraft increased from 5.932 to 6.357 m; – the area of the brake flap was increased from 2.6 to 3.0 m2, the maximum angle of deviation was reduced; — the weight of the empty aircraft has increased from 16,000 to 17,500 kg, the maximum take-off weight – from 28,000 to 30,500 kg; – while maintaining the total fuel reserve, as on a single-seat aircraft (9,400 kg), new options for main and intermediate refueling have been introduced; — the systems included in the flight and navigation complex have been modified to take into account the presence of dual controls and a duplicated display system on the aircraft. The aircraft is built according to a normal aerodynamic scheme and has a so-called integrated layout. The medium-sized trapezoidal wing of a small extension, equipped with developed inflows, smoothly mates with the fuselage, forming a single load-bearing body. Two two-circuit turbojet engines with afterburners of the AL-31F type are placed in separate engine nacelles installed under the main body of the aircraft at a distance from each other, which allows avoiding their aerodynamic interaction and suspending two guided missiles between them according to the “tandem” scheme. Supersonic adjustable air intakes are located under the center section.

The paper model of the Su-27UB in 1:33 scale contains 16 pages, including:

– Full-color title page

– 9 pages of the part (A3 format, paper thickness for the model is not less than 0.35 mm)

– 6 pages of circuit assembly instructions (A3 format)

– More than 600 parts, including the fuselage and wing

– Full detailed cockpit

– Vector graphics texture on top of bitmap graphics

– Full chassis detailing


Degree of difficulty: 5/5


The pleasure of assembly is guaranteed even to an experienced modeler.


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