1/33 SUKHOI Su-27S “Blue Shark” Aircraft № 08 Paper Model


1/33 SUKHOI Su-27S “Blue Shark” Aircraft № 08 Paper Model


wThe Su-27S (factory code T-10S) is a Soviet and Russian multi-purpose all-weather supersonic heavy fighter of the fourth generation, developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and designed to gain air superiority. The aircraft is also used for missile and bomb attacks on ground targets. It is a carrier of tactical nuclear weapons.

The main designers of the Su-27 at various times were Naum Semenovich Chernyakov, Mikhail Petrovich Simonov, Artem Aleksandrovich Kolchin and Alexey Ivanovich Knyshev.

The first flight of the prototype took place in 1977. In 1982, the aircraft began to enter the aviation units, since 1985, their operation began, adopted on August 23, 1990. The Su-27 is one of the main aircraft of the Russian Air Force, its modifications are in service in the CIS countries, India, China and others. On the basis of the Su-27, a large number of modifications have been developed: the Su-27UB combat training aircraft, the Su-33 carrier-based fighter and its Su-33UB combat training modification, multi-purpose fighters: the Su-30, Su-27M, Su-35, the Su-34 front-line bomber, and others. As of 2019, the Su-27/30 series aircraft ranked third among the most common combat aircraft in the world, being the most common Russian-made combat aircraft.

The paper model of the Su-27S in 1:33 scale contains 16 pages, including:

– Full-color title page

– 9 pages of the part (A3 format, paper thickness for the model is not less than 0.35 mm)

– 6 pages of circuit assembly instructions (A3 format)

– More than 600 parts, including the fuselage and wing

– Full detailed cockpit

– Vector graphics texture on top of bitmap graphics

– Full chassis detailing


Degree of difficulty: 5/5


The pleasure of assembly is guaranteed even to an experienced modeler.


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