1/33 SUKHOI Su-27KUB “Combat Training” Paper Model


1/33 SUKHOI Su-27KUB “Combat Training” Paper Model


One of the main features of the Su-27KUB aircraft is the non-standard crew arrangement for combat training vehicles-side by side, which improved the interaction of pilots during the flight and provided a better forward-down view than that of traditional combat training aircraft, which is very important for landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The entrance to the cabin is through the niche of the front chassis.

The aerodynamics of the aircraft also underwent changes: compared to the Su-33, the keel area was increased, the shape was changed and the area of the front and rear horizontal tail was increased. The wing area was also significantly increased — by 8 m2. Unlike the Su-33, the stabilizers are not folding, the folding axes of the wing are designed so that in the folded position the wingspan corresponds to the span of the horizontal tail, as a result of which the aircraft began to take up less space on the deck and in the hangar of the aircraft carrier.

Unlike the Su-34, the cross-section of the head part of the fuselage is round, not elliptical, which is primarily due to the shape of the selected radar station. First, it was supposed to install a radar with a passive headlight “Zhuk-27”, then it was decided to use the radar “Zhuk-M”, which has greater capabilities and better characteristics. The visor of the optical-location station is located on the axis of symmetry of the aircraft, while on the single-seat Su-33 OLS is located to the right of the pilot.

The paper model of the Su-27KUB in 1:33 scale contains 21 pages, including:

– Full-color title page

– 13 pages of the part (A3 format, paper thickness for the model is not less than 0.35 mm)

– 7 pages of circuit assembly instructions (A3 format)

– More than 1000 parts, including the fuselage and wing

– Vector graphics texture on top of bitmap graphics

– Full detailed cockpit

– Full chassis detailing

– Retractable in-flight refueling rod

– Rotary stabilizer and PGO

– Imitation of a brake hook


Degree of difficulty: 5/5


The pleasure of assembly is guaranteed even to an experienced modeler.


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