1/33 P-51 Mk1 Mustang Disruptive Dazzle Camouflage Paper Model


1/33 P-51A Mustang Disruptive Dazzle Camouflage Paper Model


Issue Number Three of the “Rare & Unusual Paint Schemes

Mark 1 (P-51 variant) reconnaisance aircraft in disruptive camouflage paint.
More commonly referred to as the “dazzle” paint scheme, this type of camouflage was experimented with widely during the Second World War mostly on Ships and Sea going vessels. It was incorporated on a number of aircraft aswell, although details are few and vague. This reconnaisance P51 Mustang appears to be a “one off” design that may have seen active service in WW2. Possibly using an early “transitional trainer” version of the P51, this aircraft features 20mm Cannons in place of the standard Machine Guns.
Very little is known about this aircraft, and so the model is based solely on the limited number of original photographs that exist.

Originally based on Marek’s 1/50 scale P-51 B and C model, this design has been modified, upscaled to 1/33 and completely repainted with this historic livery.
Kit contains BASIC assembly diagrams and 5 pages of parts.
The kit also features other upgrades like photorealistic elements and simulated landing gear wells.

Also included is an optional “Upgrade Kit” with parts to modify the model.
Items like a full Cockpit, new Wing root fairings, and other upgraded parts, are included.

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.

This model was previously published at ecardmodels.


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