1/33 Nieuport 17C.1 “Rawlings” Paper Model


1/33 Nieuport 17C.1 “Rawlings” Paper Model



The Nieuport 17 is one of the classic fighters of World War 1. A Gustave Delage design, the Nieuport sesquiplane family was used by every Allied nation, was copied by the Germans (both the N.17 airframe and the sesquiplane layout, applied to the Albatros D.III), and culminated with the N.27. A huge number of French, British, Italian, Belgian, and Russian aces scored the majority of their victories on one model of Nieuport or another. Normal armament was a synchronized Vickers gun on the fuselage deck; some were also fitted with an over-wing Lewis. Some British-flown N.17s had only the over-wing Lewis.

This paper model recreates a Nieuport 17 from the 2006 MGM movie “Flyboys”, a fictionalized account of the service of the Lafayette Escadrille, a group of American pilots flying in the French Air Service. The aircraft depicted was the personal mount of the character “Blaine Rawlings” from the movie; the double-R symbol on the fuselage represented the brand from the Rawlings family’s Texas ranch! (“Flyboys” and “Blaine Rawlings” are trademarks of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.)

Paper Model Details: approximately 229 parts on five pages, with 19 diagrams and 13 wire templates. Full cockpit with layered controls, detailed rotary engine with layered details and rolled cylinders, rolled machine gun with layered details,. layered wheels, duo-fold struts and prop blades, fuselage formers, airfoil formers which fit to wire spars, separate control surfaces, clear windshield pattern. Rigging diagram included. Degree of Difficulty: 5/5. If you enjoy building this paper model, please contribute a review!

Text by Bart Wheeler
Text copyright 2012, Bart Wheeler and Ecardmodels.com


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