1/33 AT-6 Texan Tuskegee Airmen AT-6A Trainer Paper Model


1/33 AT-6 Texan Tuskegee Airmen AT-6A Trainer Paper Model


North American AT-6 Texan – Tuskegee Army Airfield 1941-1942

The (all African American) 332nd Fighter Group was assembled in June 1941 at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. The group, originally known as the 99th Fighter Squadron, went through basic training and after which began working as an air unit. The unit was under West Point graduate, Captain Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Flight training took place in Vultee BT13s and a limited number of AT-6 Texans. The Texan Trainer represented here bears the early paint scheme carried over from the BT13 Trainers. [The “TU” marking designates “Tuskegee Airfield”]

Paper Model Details:
over 130 parts including detailed construction diagrams and Fuselage and Wing formers.
Simulated detailed Wheel Wells.
Fully detailed Landing Gear.
Complete detailed Cockpit.
Optional Clear or Printed canopies.
Detailed graphic textures, with realistic weathering and surface features.

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.


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