1/33 AT-6 Texan Harvard Spielberg Movie A6M Zero Paper Model


1/33 AT-6 Texan Spielberg Movie A6M Zero Paper Model


1/33 Scale A6M Mitsubishi ZERO North American AT-6 Texan (Movie Aircraft)
Empire of the Sun (1987 Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg)

For the 1987 feature film “Empire of the Sun” various WW2 Japanese Zero fighters were simulated using radio controlled models and four actual aircraft…two AT6, one SNJ and one Harvard.
Although not perfect recreations, at least an effort was made to recreate the correct types of aircraft, rather than use “whatever was available”, as is the case in many motion pictures.

Paper Model Details:
over 130 parts including detailed construction diagrams and Fuselage and Wing formers.
Simulated detailed Wheel Wells.
Fully detailed Landing Gear.
Complete detailed Cockpit.
Optional Clear or Printed canopies.
Detailed graphic textures, with realistic weathering and surface features.

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.


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