1/33 Albatros DXI – No 2208 – Paper Model


1/33 Albatros DXI – No 2208 – Paper Model




The Albatros D.XI was a single seat biplane fighter manufactured by Albatros Flugzeugwerke and used primarily by Germany. The Albatros D.XI was first flown in 1918 and was designed to be powered by a rotary engine. The engine, a Siemens-Halske ShIII, was capable of 160 horsepower powering the D.XI to a maximum speed of 120 mph. The D.XI was armed with two forward firing 7.92mm machine guns. A unique design feature of the D.XI was the inclusion of diagonal wing struts which replaced traditional wire bracing. Only two prototype D.XI aircraft were built with two distinct differences. One prototype had balanced, parallel-chord ailerons and a four bladed propeller. The second prototype had unbalanced ailerons and a two bladed propeller. The Albatros D.XI was not developed any further after the prototype stage and was not put into production.

This paper model kit represents aircraft No. 2208 with the four bladed propellor.

Paper Model Details: Over 220 parts on four pages including: join strips, internal fuselage formers, simple cockpit, individual wing ribbing, individual cylinders, stacked wheels, parts for machine guns and 16 construction diagrams with wire templates. Degree of Difficulty: 4/5 If you enjoyed building this model, please consider writing a review!

Text by Robert Turner
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