1/33 Airfield Diorama Accessories Kit 3 Modern Era Paper Model


1/33 Airfield Diorama Accessories Kit 3 Modern Era Paper Model


1/33 Airfield Diorama Accessories Kit III Modern era Accessories including Aircraft Carrier Equipment

Dave Winfield’s third Airfield Accessories Kit features vehicles and equipment
that can be used as stand alone models or in Diorama builds.
All models are 1/33 scale.
A scale conversion chart is included for rescaling.

The 30 page kit includes parts to build all these models:
Airfield Accessories:
Hydraulic HiLift Jack Stands
Hydraulic Tripod Jack Stands
Jet Blast Deflector Panels – Modular Sections
Aluminum Boarding Ladder
(8) Wheel Chocks
(4) 45 Gal. Fuel Drums
Aluminum Fuel Drum Drop Pallet with Drag Chute
“Huffer” Towed Jet Air Start Cart
GPU Towed Ground Power Unit
ECU Towed Electrical Cooling Unit
Maverick Missiles and Shipping Container Dolly
MHU-110 Munitions Trailer
GBU-31 JDAM Munitions
Oxygen Supply Cart
Nitrogen Supply cart

Aircraft Carrier Accessories:
Modern Carrier Tug Tractor
Jet Start Unit Add-on (for above)
Modern Carrier Fire Response Tractor
Fire Equipment Add-on Unit (for above)
“Huffer” Towed Jet Air Start Cart (Low Clearance)

The kit features full colour, high resolution artwork, photorealistic effects
and 3D realism. Assembly Diagrams are spread throughout the kit and there
are also additional reference photos to aid in model construction.

Skill level 2/5


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