1/32 USAF MJ-1 ‘Jammer’ Bomb Lift Truck, AGE Yellow, Paper Model


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1/32 USAF MJ-1 ‘Jammer’ Bomb Lift Truck, AGE Yellow, Paper Model


Downloadable kit for paper model Aerospace Ground Equipment. This model is designed to be printed on 110# index [298 gsm cardstock]

The MJ-1 Bomb Lift Truck is affectionately called the Jammer by the ground crews that service them, and load crews that use them. A jammer can lift a 3,000 lbs load six feet, six inches above the ground. They quickly and accurately load heavy munitions aboard fighting aircraft. They have been used extensively during, and since, the war in Southeast Asia.
This model depicts the first generation of Jammers. It had a 25 horsepower engine coupled to a 3-speed manual transmission, and a hydraulic pump. The lifting arms at the front of the jammer are powered hydraulically and controlled by the driver. Fine adjustments including table tilt are made by the load crew chief.

With rear wheel steering, rear wheel drive, no seat belts, no suspension, and 100 psig tires, jammers are tricky to drive. Commonly, on the first generation jammers, the engine governor was ‘broken’ and that allowed some of them to get speeds of 40 miles per hour. Anytime it was moving faster than about 15 MPH the front wheels would be bouncing.
More recently, with automatic transmissions, a fuel tank next to the driver tho keep from sliding off during a turn, and with front brakes, Jammers are less exhilarating to drive. This is especially true with the latest jammers which have diesel engines.

Paper Model contains 2 pages of parts including options for four cabs with differing markings.
Also includes Full Color cover page and photographic step-by-step instructions
2 pages of parts with a degree of difficulty of 2/5 – with the elaborate instructions, this is a good choice for a first-time modeler.

Everything that Design Group Alpha receives from model sales is donated to Aviation Museums.


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