1/200 Swedish Sjöormen-Class Submarine – HMS Sjöormen Paper Model


1/200 Swedish Sjöormen-Class Submarine – HMS Sjöormen Paper Model


HMS Sjöormen (swedish meaning of “Sea Serpent”) belonged to class of submarines built for the Swedish Royal Navy in the late 1960s. Submarine had “teardrop hull” shape and many other new features, including X-rudder and anechoic tiles. Submarine served in the Swedish Navy for almost 30 years.

Paper Model contains 9 pages including:

  • Cover page,
  • 2 pages of historical and technical information,
  • 2 pages of assembly instruction drawings (in total 8 assembly drawings + wire templates),
  • 3 pages of Parts (172 basic elements and 4 alternative elements ) in vector format, including: internal formers (frames), display stand, etc..
  • Model kit allows to build one of the following submarines of Swedish Navy:
  • HMS Sjölejonet
  • HMS Sjöhunden
  • HMS Sjöbjörnen
  • HMS Sjöhästen

Used vector format of parts also allows to scale the model (for instance to 1:250 or 1:100 scale) without losing quality of print.

Degree of difficulty: 2/5


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