1/200 MNF Richilieu Paper Model


1/200 MNF Richilieu Paper Model


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Richelieu was laid down in Brest in 1935, the first of France’s newest class of battleships. Still working up when World War Two began, Richelieu first operated under Vichy control, but joined the Allied cause after Operation Torch in 1942, and served France into the 1960’s, when she was scrapped.

Fast and powerful, the class was designed around a main battery of eight 380mm guns in two quadruple turrets, both on the bow. Principal secondary armament was comprised of 152mm and 150mm anti-aircraft cannon, with numerous smaller weapons being fitted at different points in her career. Catapults, cranes, and hangar facilities for up to four seaplanes was carried aft, but these were replaced with additional AA mounts after the ship joined the Allies. This paper model depicts Richelieu in a later wartime equipment fit.

Bart Model Details: over 500 parts on 81 pages. Written instructions. Full-hull model; intricate details. Egg-crate framework. Full weapons suite; ship’s boats complement; layered and rolled parts. Degree of Difficulty: 5/5. If you enjoy building this paper model please contribute a review!

Text by Bart Wheeler

Text Copyright 2011, Bart Wheeler and Ecardmodels.com


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