1/200 Japanese ironclad Kōtetsu Paper Model


1/200 Japanese ironclad Kōtetsu Paper Model


Kōtetsu (甲鉄, literally “Ironclad”), later renamed Azuma (東, “East”), was the first ironclad warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was designed as an armored ram for service in shallow waters, but also carried three guns. The ship was built in Bordeaux, France, for the Confederate States Navy under the cover name Sphinx, but was sold to Denmark after sales of warships by French builders to the Confederacy was forbidden in 1863.

Over 230 parts on 5 part pages and on page of formers.
Full-hull and waterline option.
Display stand, 3 pages of construction diagrams.
Bulkhead-and-joiner-strip construction.

PDF version of the publication of the publisher Pro-arte

Degree of Difficulty: 5/5


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