1/200 HMS Starling Paper Model


1/200 HMS Starling Paper Model


HMS Starling (U66) was a Modified Black Swan Sloop-of-war. She was built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company at Govan Scotland, launched on 14 October 1942, and commissioned on 1 April 1943.
In the Battle of the Atlantic World War II Starling was the flagship of Captain Frederic John Walker 2nd Support Group, a flotilla of six sloops not tied down to convoy protection, but free to hunt down U-boats wherever found. The other ships of the group were HMS Cygnet (U38), HMS Kite (U87), HMS Wild Goose (U45), HMS Woodpecker (U08), HMS Wren (U28)
Starling was scrapped in 1965.

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