1/16 Centurion Mk.5 Main Battle Tank Israel IDF Paper Model


1/16 Centurion Mk.5 Main Battle Tank Israel IDF Paper Model


This model features a 1/16 scale “early version” Mk.5 version operated by the Israeli Defense Force.
The model can also be built as a retrofitted Mk.5.1. or Mk.5.2 variant.
Both 20pdr (86mm) and L7 105mm Guns are included in the kit.

The kit contains over 2200 parts on 60 printable pages (some pages require multiple printings).
Also: 15 pages of detailed assembly instructions and diagrams.
And Full colour cover and Information Pages.
Pages are A4 and Letter Size print compatible.

The model features a complete Drivers compartment interior, Turret interior and fully detailed Engine and Drivetrain compartments, removable Engine hatches, operating personnel hatches, rotating Turret and elevating main gun.
Track is scale 3D and partially articulated.
Final assembled model is 24″ long, 8″ tall.

See more photos of this model at https://flic.kr/s/aHsk4ghR8Q (copy and paste)

Designed and produced by Dave Winfield [Dave’s Card Creations]

This model was previously issued at ecardmodels.


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