1/12 Apollo Command Module Paper Model


1/12 Apollo Command Module Paper Model


1/12 Apollo Command Module Paper Model

This model depicts the Block II Version of the Apollo Command Module, Boost Protective Cover, and Escape Rocket in 1/12 scale.

Containing over 2400 parts, the kit was designed to be disassembled and reassembled to conveniently display the internal features, which include Control Panels, Storage Cabinets, Couches, and Under-Couch Equipment Stowage. The model was strategically designed in 21 sections that are built as smaller separate models on their own; then assembled together to finish the model. The kit also includes extensive instructions and a display stand. The development of the model began in September 2011, and is finally being released on July 20, 2014 to honor and celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing.
Many thanks to Billy Leliveld for building a magnificent, awe-inspiring prototype, and creating the kit cover art. –Ken west

Paper Model Details:
Over 127 pages of parts!
Including joiner strips, internal and external detail parts.
38 pages of instructional diagrams.

Degree of Difficulty: 5/5.

This model is reissued – it was previously available at ecardmodels.


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