1/100 Seversky P-35A USAAC Philippines 1941 Papermodel


1/100 Seversky P-35A USAAC Philippines 1941 Papermodel


The Seversky P-35 was the first US monoplane fighter with a closed cockpit, retractable landing gear and metallic finish. Introduced in 1937 developed by Alexander Kartvelli from the BT-8 trainer and the SEV-X3 amphibious the P-35 was used for a few years by the USAAC and was little exported being used by Sweden, Ecuador and the two-post versions “Convoy Fighter” by the Japan and Colombia.

The Scissors and Planes model repainted and modding for represent a P-35A  in the colors of USAAC used in Philippines Defence in 1941.

The model has 39 pieces and has small additions of gun fairings, air intakes and the wing fillet and fuselage conversion for represents a P-35A.

Degree of Difficult: 3/5.


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