1/100 Reggiane Re.2007 Paper Model


1/100 Reggiane Re.2007 Paper Model


The Reggiane Re.2007 was a purported Italian jet fighter project designed in 1943 by Roberto Longhi. Aircraft designer Pellizzola created several Re.2007 sketches following the conflict. These designs were hypothetical reconstructions based on the description of a Reggiane engineer. The designs depicted the aircraft as a cutting-edge jet fighter, replete with sweeping wings that were futuristic (for 1943) but which the Germans had already utilized on both the Me262 jet and Me163 rocket fighters. Rumors of a substantially constructed aircraft with technical drawings that were both sent to the UK and the US for research were printed in certain Italian publications and journals, but are today thought to be exceedingly implausible. The majority of contemporary researchers today believe that the Re.2007 was only a “phantom” of sorts, put together from numerous.


Model 2 Pages, includes 4 liveries;
Photographic Cover Page,
Assembly Diagrams,
30 Pieces for each livery

Degree of Difficulty: 2/5.


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