1/100 Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever Moffett Field Paper Model


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1/100 Piasecki HUP-2 Retriever Moffett Field Paper Model

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In 1945 the United States Navy reported the need for a new helicopter, which would be based on the larger aircraft carriers and lines of the US Navy. The helicopter would be used primarily for search and rescue missions, but also for transportation. In response, Frank Piasecki’s company began work on PV-14. The first prototype to receive the designation XHJP-1 Flew in March 1948. At the same time, the assembly of three copies began, and then the helicopter known as the HUP-1 Retriever was created between 1950 and 1952, the Navy of the United States received twenty such helicopters. The HUP-1 was powered by a 525HP Continental R-975-34 engine and carried crew members and up to five passengers on board.Once the autopilot was successfully tested on the XHJP-1, it was decided to implement a new version of the helicopter, called the HUP-2. The new helicopter was completely stripped of its horizontal stabilizer and received more powerful Continental R-975-46 engines. Later, the Retrievers were fitted with a large rectangular airlock at the front of the fuselage, in which there was a winch capable of lifting 181 kg. A total of 193 HUP-2s will be built,
This model contains 5 pages including:
full colour cover page
2 pages diagram assembly instuctions
1 page with parts and historical information

degree of difficulty: 3/5


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