1/100 North American NA-50 “Torito” Paper Model


1/100 North American NA-50 “Torito” Papermodel


The North American NA-50 was a fighter version of the family of the famous T-6 Texan / Havard trainer developed especially for the Peruvian Air Corps as a light fighter. 7 were produced and used by Peru in combat in a border war with Ecuador in 1941.

The model represents Lieutenant José Abelardo Quiñones Gonzáles’ aircraft who was shot down and allegedly he chose to hit his target. Is a unique loss of Peru air forces in this conflict.

“Derribado, pero sobre el objectivo” / “Shot down, but on target” he said in his last radio message as he threw his plane down on a position of Ecuadorian anti-aircraft batteries.


The paper model of the NA 50 in the 1/100 scale has the following characteristics:

  • Model completely modified through handmade edition to represent the characteristics of the NA-50 aircraft.
  • Full vectorized model.
  • Authentic insiginias and other colors make by research
  • Unique and historic subject.
  • Over 40 parts.
  • Skill difficult 2/3



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