1/100 North American B-25B Mitchell “Doolittle Raider” Paper Model


1/100 North American B-25B Mitchell “Doolittle Raider” Paper Model


The “Raid Dollitlle”, also called “30 seconds over Tokyo” and also called “Tokyo Raid”. IN this year (2022) make 80th anniversary of this incredible and crazy military operation that was a US response to the attack on the Pearl Harbor naval base in 1941 by the Imperial Japanese Navy, and pushed the US into war once and for all. At that time the United States did not have a bomber plane that had the range to reach metropolitan Japan, and vast portions of the Chinese coast were occupied by the Japanese.The operation was aimed at harming Japanese morale. For this, the general staff of the US armed forces decided to take seriously the plan of Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle (who was a prominent aviator before the war) to make land-based twin-engine bombers take off from an aircraft carrier to attack Tokyo, which the Japanese considered impregnable. After many studies it was decided to use the new B-25B Mitchell bomber that were specially modified to be lighter and with more fuel. The plan was to attack Japan by taking off from the USS Hornet as close to the Japanese coast as possible, bombing military and industrial targets, and then flying into northern China and landing on airfields operated by the Nationalist Chinese. 16 planes took off 170 nautical miles earlier as they were spotted by a Japanese sentry ship the Nitto Maru which was sunk by the USS Hornet escort. The epic attack did little damage to the Japanese infrastructure, becausethe few wave planes were launched that had a meager capacity to carry bombs (around 500 kg each), but the morale of the Japanese was fair to death. The Japanese military mistakenly thought that the planes had departed Midway Atoll, which led to Grand Admiral Yamamoto attacking this American base resulting in the first major Japanese defeat in the war and changing the balance of the conflict. Model Scissors and Planes in 1/100 scale, repainted and modified  representing the plane “Nº 8” that made a forced landing in Vladivostok in the then USSR after the attack.

Paper model contain:

2 pages of parts;

Conversion make a B-25B early version;

Authentic colors and markings make by historical research;

Over 90 parts.


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