1/100 Nieman KhAI-3 Flying Wing Paper Model

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1/100 Nieman KhAI-3 Flying Wing Paper Model

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1/100 Nieman KhAI-3 Paper Model

Soviet pre-war flying wing airliner / cargo plane

First flown in 1936 this plane was one of the numerous “Planerlet” motor-gliders popular at that
time. It was designed and built by Aviavnito in Kharkov, Ukraine. Flying wing monoplane with two
axial gondolas each with six seats in line, the pilot was the first in the right one. The drawings and
photo show different gondolas construction: both long and short. The plane was powered with
one M-11 radial engine. Satisfactory controlability and good stability were logged during the test
flights. The machine was successfully used as a passenger/cargo transport for a few years.

Model 9 Pages, includes;
Photographic Cover Page,
Assembly Diagrams,
6 Pages of Cardstock Parts (1 uncolored and 5 liveries)

Degree of Difficulty: 3/5.


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