1/100 Captured Spitfire Vb “MesserSpit” Paper Model


1/100 Captured Spitfire Vb “MesserSpit” Paper Model


In Nov 1942, Spitfire Vb  EN830, accidentally landed in German occupied territory.
The aircraft was flown to Rechlin, where some modifications were made.
Its 12 volt elect system was replaced with the Luftwaffe 24 volt system.  This necessitated
changes in instrumentation, including the pitot tube.
Noting that the fuselage had a similar shape to the -109/-110 family, the Merlin 45 engine
was replaced with the Daimler Benz DB 605 engine and cowlings.  The spinner and propeller
from a Bf-109 G were also installed.

The aircraft was destroyed in a bombing attack in 1944.

This conversion and repaint by Texman Recolors of the Scissors & Planes Spitfire represents an
aircraft marked as the captured and re-engined Spitfire Vb.

This is a single page kit with instructions on how to build a Scissors & Planes kit.

Base and runway graphic not included.



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