1/100 Grumman AF-3S Guardian MAD Boom Paper Model


1/100 Grumman AF-3S Guardian MAD Boom Paper Model


By 1944, the United States Navy required an Anti-Submarine Warface (ASW) to replace the TBM Avenger, so Grumman responded with the first aircraft used for this purpose.
Made to measure for the United States Navy, this aircraft featured two fuselage versions, one used for detection called “Hunter” and another carried the weapon system which they called “Killer”.
It was a very short time that this aircraft was operational and its production was 389 units of which three variants were made, AF-2S, AF-2W and AF-3S “Mad Boom” which was basically an AF-2S with a Magnetic anomaly detector installed. The AF-3s were operated from both land bases and aircraft carriers. During the Korean War, the type was used to defend US Navy ships in the combat zone. The new Gray-White scheme was used by the reserve at NAS Los Alamitos. These units were used for training, hence their orange stripes.
model includes a full color cover, assembly instructions, two parts pages and historical reference. the degree of difficulty is 4/5


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