1/100 Fokker DVII Ukraine Popular Republic Air Force Paper Model


1/100 Fokker DVII Ukraine Popular Republic Air Force Paper Model


The Fokker DVII designed in 1916 by Reinhold Platz was perhaps the state of the art in terms of military fighter aircraft during World War I, influencing the world aeronautical industry until the 1930s. Its resistant structure, high maneuverability and great power were a blow to the western allies again who were a step behind in terms of technology. Great aces like Lothar Von Richthofen and Ernst Udet quickly achieved significant victory scores with the DVII, which despite having over 3000 units built entered service in 1918 in the Imperial German Army Air Service. The performance of this aircraft was so outstanding that at the end of the war all DVII were confiscated by the allies according to a clause in the Treaty of Versailles which stipulated the specific delivery of these aircraft. Many were used after the war by a large number of countries, as the Fokker evaded to Holland continued to produce the DVII post-war and also the two-seat C1 variant. This version is repainted , depicting a Fokker DVII (possibly supplied by Soviet Russia) to the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1920, an ephemeral state that existed between the fall of the Russian Empire and the implementation of the Soviet Union.

The Papermodel consist:

  • Authentic colors by historical research;
  • 32 parts.

Difficult Degree: 3/5



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