1/100 Fairey Battle Mk I Paper Model


1/100 Fairey Battle Mk I Paper Model


The Fairey Battle is a elegant low-wing cantilever monoplane emerged it was considered one of the most advanced military aircraft in the world in second half of 1930’s. if totally inadequate and fragile for the role of attack bomber, being quickly relegated to the secondary functions of training, testing and flying bench engines. The model I built represents an Mk I day bomber version of the Battle of the 103rd Squadron of the RAF in 1938/1939. Scissors and Planes model modified and repainted by Péricles Papermodel Studio.

Mods and extras:

Joining the two sides of the wing;

Addition of landing gear parts;

Addition of wing fillets;

Adding details in radiator;


Parts: 40

Degree of Difficult: 2/5


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