1/100 Fairey Albacore Mk.I, ØL, BF 653, 820 Squadron Paper Model


1/100 Fairey Albacore ØL BF 653 820 Squadron Paper Model


The Fairey Albacore was a World War II torpedo aircraft designed to replace the Fairey Swordfish. It had a more powerful engine and featured a closed cabin. Although they fought very bravely in the Battle of Cape Matapan in the Mediterranean or the pursuit of Tirpitz in Norwegian waters, it always remained in the shadow of its predecessor who lasted much longer in service because it was more suitable for small decks of escort aircraft carriers.

Paper Model contains 2 Pages incluiding

1 Full Color cover page with instructions

1 pages of parts with a degree of difficulty of 2/5


*Does not contain the display base


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